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Lip Biting Cure – Emotional Freedom Technique

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3 Reasons Why Emotional Therapy Technique Can Help You Stop Lip Biting
The habit of biting your lips is a common habit, and like any habit, it is difficult to stop. It is possible to stop the habit through willpower but it is difficult, particularly if are a lover of biting your skin. It is important to consider the following: Were you born to lip-bite? No but seriously, think about it. Habits are formed through repetition of an action or 激光脫毛 – experiencing it repeatedly. You can either unlearn the habit or substitute it with a more beneficial one. It is recommended to get rid of the habit or remove it completely. It will take time, but can be done using the Chinese Acupuncture technique. The Emotional Freedom Technique works through subconsciously reshaping and removing the relationship between stress and the emotional reaction to lip biting. You need to consciously attempt to stop yourself and complete EFT immediately. If you’re uncomfortable tapping in public, locate an area that is quiet or private.
Advantage 1 – Natural Remedies
Emotional Freedom Technique is done by using fingers and 激光脫毛 – hands. You or someone else must tap your pressure points with your hands and fingers.
Advantage 2 – Immediate Lip Biting Solution
As soon as you catch biting, make a note of what you’re thinking about. Are you bored? Are you worried? Are you imagining things? To lessen the negative thoughts you are thinking consider Emotional Freedom Technique. Tap your fingers while you think of a negative thought and 激光脫毛 – repeat the procedure. Then you’ll have trouble remembering what you were thinking or the trigger for your emotions will be diminished substantially. Close your eyes and imagine doing the lip-biting routine and feel how you feel as you did it. You can now utilize EFT to help reduce the emotional and unconscious imagery.
Advantage 3 – Useful For A Variety Of Problems
EFT is not just for lip-biting. It can also be used to treat many of the stresses of life or negative thinking patterns, as well as migraine headaches. Utilizing EFT regularly can transform the mind. After you’ve utilized EFT to weaken the thought and visualize positive thoughts.

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