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How to Make Highlights

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Here are a few tools you’ll need to use to apply highlights:
* Cape: It is important to protect your clothes from bleach staining.
Bowl and 激光脫毛 – Tint BrushMix your lightener and developer in a bowl and then apply the mix to a tint brush
* Pre-cutting Foils: Pre-cutting foils can help cut down the time it takes to highlight your hair. A highlighter board is also recommended since it provides leverage when applying product to hair. It is easier to highlight long hair. Set the foil at the top of the board and fold over about an inch at the edge. Place the cut or weaved hair section right on top of the foil, and then press the board against the scalp, then apply the product. Please don’t apply the product heavily on the root area as this could cause bleeding, which isn’t appealing and needs to be treated.
* Lightener and Developer Choose a lightener that is suitable for your hair, and the correct developer.
* Rat Tail Comb It can be used to cut hair for highlighting. The two most common methods to highlight hair are slices or a weave. Weaving gives your hair a natural look. It is done when you slice a thin section of hair, lift it upwards and weave in and out using the tail comb, releasing the hair that doesn’t belong. The term Slicing is defined as using the rat tail comb to section a thin slice of hair and then highlight the entire slice. It creates a dramatic appearance. If you desire a thicker or more chompy result I recommend cutting two sections in foils. This means cutting one section and, instead of leaving hair in between foils, slice another right next to the first foil. The more back-to-back cuts you make, the more chunkier the result. Do not try to highlight thick hair. It is an unavoidable nightmare.
* Water Bottle If you accidentally apply lightener on hair that’s not intended to be highlighted the water bottle can be utilized. Water slows down and dilutes the process of lightening. Once foils are applied, I would lift all foils and ensure that no lightener leaks out. If lightener is leaking out, you could saturate the foils by water and wipe clean with towels. If you observe that the foils you first applied were applied before the back foils are applied, then open the foil and squirt some water. Don’t soak them, but mist them with water. This can slow the process and prevent it from happening. to help avoid any over highlighted and damaged hair.
* Clips:Clips can help you keep your hair neat by holding hair out of the way while weaving or cutting.
If it’s your first time you’re highlighting, I strongly suggest practicing using conditioner. It’s not an easy job and can cause hair damage. Be sure to consider where the foils should be placed. It’s better to be safe rather than regretting.
* Use a good clarifying shampoo and conditioner couple of days prior to highlighting. This will take away any products for hair care that might be put on your hair and will allow it to take the highlight more efficiently.
Do not wash your hair for a couple of days prior to the process of highlighting. A small amount of oil from nature may help shield your hair from chemical damage.
Before you highlight, brush your hair well. Tangles can make it difficult to apply highlights and may affect the results.
* You could also test the process by using a thin piece of hair, and a small amount of the highlighting mixture. Give it a couple of minutes to test for any adverse effects or damage to your hair. If everything tests okay and you are happy with the shade, then you are able to continue with the highlighting process.
For final consideration, here are a few tips:
* Start at the rear of your head.
* Do not put hair between foils.
* Don’t highlight too much the hair.
* You can speed up the process by heating the foils with a hair dryer.
* Cover your hair with foils to avoid chemical damage. For every three minutes, set a timer.
Highlights using Capture Cap
*Put the cap over your head, and pull it back down gently.
* Using the hook poke holes of the cap as close to your hairline at the front using the hook. Start at a slight angle to get the best results.
* For thin highlights which generally blend in remove thin pieces of hair. Do this by not allowing the hook to go into the hair. For bold highlights, pull large sections of hair deeper into your.
Continue pulling out hair until you reach the desired number of strands.
* Once all hair has been pulled through the cap, using your protective gloves, make the highlighting mix.
* Coat all the pulled out sections – thoroughly and apply your fingers to apply the lathering motion so that there isn’t any hair left unnoticed.
* Set timer for the time of processing you have specified.
* Once the timer is done, remove the cap and thoroughly wash your hair. Avoid shampooing your hair because the cuticle of the hair is still slightly open. Your highlights could be

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